Remotec Zwave Dry Contact Fixture Module

  • High output power.
  • Remote ON/OFF control via the Z-Wave controller.
  • Manual ON/OFF control with the front panel push button.
  • Support External ON/OFF key connects to the module.
  • Screw terminals for wires connection – Flexible mounting structure. Mount inside gang box or any place.


Remotec ZFM-80 Dry Contact Switch Module

The Remotec ZFM-80 Dry Contact Switch Module allows users to remotely control lighting, home appliance, and make home control easy at low installation / maintenance cost. You may begin with a few Z-Wave enabled devices or build up a complete home automation system with our products.

The ZFM-80 provides an option to user that can add an external switch to control the On/Off function.

The ZFM-80 can be placed into the switch box with external wall switch cover. User can configure the external switch type through the configuration command.