What We Provide


Bringing you, the home owner and renter, the same security best practices that we have used at the Corporate and Government level.


Through the power of network optimization and sound automations, we will ensure that your house runs efficiently, saving you time, money, and valuable resources.

Peace of Mind

No matter where you are in the world, you'll always know that your family is safe, your home is secure, and that you are in complete control of it all. You will never have to worry about your home again.

Who We Are

We started our career as CyberSecurity professionals working for large scale corporations and government agencies, but have become addicted to the whole world of smart home automations. As a result, we have put in thousands of hours of research on the various smart home products in the marketplace and their use in the average home. Combined with the cyber security background, and a passion for the industry, we aim to help our customers find the best solutions to their home automation plans.

Scotsman Automations aims to be your Smart Home consulting partner. Together we will make your house work for you!

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Mark is very knowledgeable and has helped walk me through pros and cons of options as well as think about different alternatives to solve some automation issues. I would recommend his services as he has his finger on the pulse of an ever quickly changing tech sector of devices and applications. "
Madison, AL
"The amount of in-depth information Mark can give will always be more valuable than what little he charges for his services. He can simplify things to a level anyone can understand regardless of your tech knowledge. The fact he is a husband and father of multiple kids makes him very relatable to your home living situation, He knows how important it is to make sure his family is and feels safe and he can give you the same peace of mind. Mark, I can't thank you enough!"
Allen M
Madison, AL
"Five Stars! I met with Mark to discuss my security and smart home needs, develop a plan I can afford and on my time line. I am more confident in my ability to secure my home and make it smarter on my own with all of his tips and recommendations. He pointed out some things I already had and didn’t know I could use to secure my home which saved me money in the long run. I appreciate his knowledge and that he made sure we had a common language when discussing the options. I recommend him to everyone I know who wants to take security and home automation into their hands. "
Nicole R
Madison, AL
"In a bewildering range of possibilities, Mark quickly ascertained what my needs and priorities were in a camera doorbell. He clearly outlined the benefits, costs and complexity of each option and made a solid suggestion. The Ring 2 was an easy install and it works great. Another layer of security in an increasingly unpredictable world."
Allen E

Technologies We Use